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Scott and Cindy's Studio

After 11 years at our original location as Creative Fabrics and Quilts Shop, we relocated to our home studio in the countryside of Ebensburg.

Scott and Cindy's Studio is still your one stop shop for your long arm quilting needs. We provide long arm quilting services, t-shirt quilt services, and many fabrics to purchase in our new fabric room. Our hours are by appointment only. Please call us or email us!


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304 Tripoli Rd. Ebensburg, PA 15931

(814) 418-7149

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Longarm Quilting services

Get to Know Us!


Scott is a recently retired engineer who has switched to quilting full-time. He has been happily married to Cindy for almost five years.


Long-Arm Quilting, Custom Computerized Quilting, Digital Pantograph Design, Communications 


Cindy first started quilting over 20 years ago. She turned her hobby into a business in 2010. She loves working with her husband creating beautiful quilted pieces for people all over the world. Cindy is an award winning quilter and is professionally trained.


 Freehand Long-Arm Quilting, Custom Computerized Quilting, T-Shirt Quilting, Pieced Quilting, Color Theory


Believe it or not, we have over 700 bolts of fabric in our NEW! Fabric Room.
Come browse your favorite colors and patterns!


T-Shirt Quilts

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By Appointment Only.
Call or text us to schedule an appointment. (814) 418-7149

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